All About Waxing

all about waxing

How to get the best possible results from waxing:  Make Sure to Exfoliate

 Learn all about waxing! At a younger age our skin changes every 28 days, as we grow older it take longer for skin to turn over. Best way to exfoliate (removal of the dead skin cells) your body is to use a body scrub. 

All about waxing tips:

Try our Sugar Body Polish by glo therapeutics, which has a unique blend of natural sugar cane, shea butter and cocoa butter that delicately polishes dry skin, leaving the body feeling smooth and refreshed. 

Another great product designed to prevent ingrown hair especially after Brazilian bikini waxing is PFB vanish. This miracle product contains 3 Acids: Glycolic, Lactic and Salicylic. In addition, PFB vanish contains powerful exfoliants that are great for women and men.

For best waxing results make sure to grow your hair for 3-4 weeks before your appointment. Learn more about waxing services at Skin Studio.

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