waxing hair removal


If you’re seeking effective hair removal in Boston, our waxing treatments offer a popular solution. Unlike shaving, which provides only surface-level results, our waxing removes hair from the root, delivering smooth and hair-free skin for weeks.

Waxing services are priced based on time and esthetician.

We use non-strip, gentle hard wax only.

    • $23 and up – Lip
    • $25 and up – Chin
    • $28 and up – Nose
    • $28 and up – Ears
    • $33 and up – Brow
    • $33 and up – Sideburns
    • $73 and up – Complete Face
    • $45 and up – Lower Arm
    • $70 and up – Complete Arm
    • $55 and up – Lower Leg
    • $65 and up – Upper Leg
    • $130 and up – Complete Leg
    • $45 and up – Regular Bikini
    • $55 and up – French Bikini
    • $95 and up – Brazilian Bikini (female)
    • $110 and up – Back

For pricing please contact us directly by phone at (617)-779-8840, text at (617)-958-5399, or email at info@skinstudioboston.com.

Learn more about the different bikini waxes below!

Bikini Types

Regular Bikini – removal of hair visible around the bikini line a.k.a. basic tidying up!

French Bikini – in-between regular and Brazilian. Think of a thong bikini.

Brazilian Bikini – removal of all hair, front and back. Option of leaving a triangle or strip, on the front. 


Our skilled estheticians cater to various areas such as legs, arms, underarms, Brazilian bikini, and brow. Experience the benefits of hard wax application, expertly adhering to the hair and swiftly removing it, leaving you with long-lasting results. Opting for regular waxing not only ensures the convenience of silky skin but also eliminates the need for daily shaving.

Trust in our commitment to safety and comfort through the use of high-quality products and hygienic practices. Schedule your waxing appointment in Boston today for a superior and hassle-free hair removal experience.

Experience the benefits of long-lasting and smooth skin with our professional waxing services. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and enjoy the convenience and confidence of hair-free skin.