The Science Of Vitamin C and Anti-aging

What do we know about free radicals and how they relate to the aging process?

Free radicals are molecules that are missing an electron in their outer rings, making them unstable. UV rays, pollution, cigarette smoke and stress are all things that expose us to these free radicals. Free radicals are also thought to cause a number of skin conditions related to aging, including skin darkening, inflammation, and the breakdown of collagen and elastin – elements that make the skin plump and youthful. Years of exposure to free radicals causes our skin to show signs of aging.

Advancements and discoveries in modern skin care have resulted in a solution in the form of antioxidants. As an antioxidant, L-ascorbic Acid (also known as Vitamin C) has garnered serious attention. Research shows that it stimulates collagen production, while simultaneously working as an anti-inflammatory to speed up wound healing. While eating your citrus every day is certainly healthy, it alone will not be effective in the fight against the aging process. When ingested, a very small percentage of Vitamin C actually reaches the skin. Topical application is necessary for maximum skin care benefit. L-ascorbic Acid is the only form of topical Vitamin C every morning for protection against free radical damage. You start seeing the results in as little as 8-12 weeks.

Vitamin C is really good for your health and skin but when it is exposed to air it becomes oxidized and ineffective. Be sure that you use stable Vitamin C in your skin care products in order to reduce inflammation, build collagen and elastin.


The right pH: Studies show pH needs to be between 2.0 – 3.8 in order for Vitamin C serums to be effectively absorbed into the skin. All of our glo therapeutics Vitamin C serums fall in this range for maximum efficacy.

In addition, clinical studies show the chirally correct form of Ascorbic Acid is the only form of Vitamin C the body recognizes. Therefore, it can utilize to help support collagen synthesis. Choose a Vitamin C serum that uses L-ascorbic Acid. You guessed right, all glo therapeutics Vitamin C serums utilize L-ascorbic Acid.

Added benefits: Supporting ingredients can boost the antioxidant benefits of Ascorbic Acid. Consider a serum like Ultra 15% Vitamin C serum which harnesses advanced supporting ingredients.

Note: The dark amber bottle our Vitamin C serums come in protects the serum from sunlight to preserve its efficacy.

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