Skin Care in Your 20s

Most important objective of skin care in your 20s is to develop good habits that could be applied to skin care, fitness or a diet. When it comes to skin care, create simple routine that you will be able to use through your whole life for a beautiful, youthful skin.

At this age it’s all about prevention.  Here are some simple daily steps to follow:

1. Use facial cleanser – wash your face thoroughly to prevent large pores. We recommend trying Purifying Gel Cleanser. Main ingredient – salicylic acid, deeply cleanses pores while antioxidants protect and soothe the skin

2. Use clearing pads – to balance, calm and purify the skin. Try Clear Complexion Pads that gently breaks down excess sebum, immediately balancing oily skin and helping prevent the growth of acne-causing bacteria. Sodium chlorite breaks apart oily secretion and bacteria while preventing regrowth of bacteria. Citric acid, acts as a natural preservative, softens the skin and adjusts acid-alkaline balance

3. Exfoliate – it is the best way to prevent build up and establish regular regenerative cycle. We recommend trying Refresh Facial Polish,  a gentle facial polish that revives and refreshes the skin. The soothing botanical-based formulation has a combination of jojoba beads that gently exfoliate while refined polyethylene beads remove debris from the skin’s surface without irritation

4. Use mask – to prevent and heal break outs and hydrating the skin. We recommend Soothing Gel Mask that cools and calms sensitive or irritated skin with a soothing complex of antioxidants calendula, wild yam and vitamin E. Another great mask to try is Refining Clay Mask. Oil-absorbing clay purifies the skin and calms irritation while proven blemish fighting ingredients tea tree and zinc reduce the appearance of pores and refine skin’s texture

5. Take care of your eyes – hydrate, sooth and protect your eyes, after all, they are the focal point of your face. Try Eye Restore to prevent appearance of fine lines and puffiness and restore skin’s texture. Eye Restore contains palmitoyl oligopeptide that stimulates cell growth, increases skin thickness, and helps correct discoloration, while an antioxidant green tea extract has anti-inflammatory properties

In youth, your body is surging with everything it needs to perform its best. Establish positive habits with fitness and healthy eating now and you will have a positive foundation for years to come.