New Year – New You

It’s a custom for many people to make New Year’s resolutions and try to achieve them by year’s end. Losing weight and exercising more are the two most popular resolutions. In January most gyms are crowded with new determined members. However, by February half of newcomers stop going and by March only regulars are left.

This year let’s make resolutions that are easy and achievable so by the end of the year we could be proud that we achieved them all.

1. Find an activity you enjoy – If running on a treadmill or lifting weights are not activities you enjoy, check out the list of classes your gym offers. For example, Zumba is a fun dance class while yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual exercise. If you don’t belong to a gym simply start walking, for instance during lunch time

2. Eat an apple before each meal – Apples offer fiber, volume, and will fill up your stomach so you will be full faster and you don’t overeat. Don’t have apple handy? Glass of water will have the same effect

3. Create more long weekends – Adding another day-off to your weekend helps to de-stress and relax, take a break once in a while and you will have a more positive outlook on life

4. Declutter – It’s hard to start throwing away items from your closet or office that you’ve had a long time. We all have tops in the closet that we haven’t worn in two years. By now fashion has changed so it’s time to say “good bye” and make some room for new, trendy items.

5. Take care of your skin:
• Wash you face with a face cleanser (not a bar soap) and moisturize every day
• Exfoliate at least 3 times a week
• Have a facial once a month
• Apply eye cream daily
• Use non-petroleum based lip balm

 Be on the way to healthier, happier you with these easy New Year’s resolutions