Face Reading Part 2


For thousands of years, face reading (or Mien Shiang) has been performed by Eastern medicine practitioners. Combine Western (analyzing the surface) with Eastern (what’s happening internally) techniques to deliver a unique and insightful consultation.

According to the traditional Chinese medicine your right cheek corresponds to the metal elements which on its side are related to the lung and large intestine network. Also, breakout, eczema, mild acne or redness could be a sign of a cold is coming on. Asthma or any other respiratory problems may also show visual symptoms on your right cheek.

Left cheek corresponds to the wood element which is connected to the liver of the human’s body. In addition, any changes on the skin of you left cheek could be a sign of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, inflammation or congestion of toxins in the liver. Changes in this part of your face could be a sign for emotional issues such as depression.

Your nose corresponds to the earth element which indicates a connection to the stomach, spleen and pancreas network. Excessive worry and stress as well as eating deep-fried fatty food or lots of chocolate could result in changes of your nose skin such as redness or broken capillaries.


EYES. PUFFINESS & DARK CIRCLES => related to liver and kidneys; imbalance of fluids, sodium retention, sluggish organ function. It could also mean mental stress or anger; dehydration or poor elimination. Solution: Focus on improving hydration and sleeping habits.

NOSE & UPPER CHEEKS REDNESS => Due to the heart; inflammation of organs; heightened blood pressure. Solution: Calm and hydrate

LOWER CHEEKS BREAKOUTS & CONGESTION => related to the lungs; smoking, asthma, allergies, cold; cardio exercise-sweating.  Solution: Focus on cleansing and exfoliation.


EYES. PUFFINESS & DARK CIRCLES => lack of sleep; allergies; heredity. Solution: the must-have product for tired, puffy eyes is glo-therapeutics Eye Restore.

NOSE & UPPER CHEEKS REDNESS => recent cold or allergies; improper extraction techniques. Furthermore, it could point to early stages of rosacea. Solution: Hydrate with glo-therapeutics Soothing Gel mask.

LOWER CHEEKS BREAKOUTS & CONGESTION => irritating, comedogenic
cosmetics; phones/hand resting on face. Solution: Focus on cleansing and exfoliation. Also try glo-therapeutics Daily Polishing Cleanser.

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