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The Cold Roller

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Red, angry skin has met its match! Our acne-safe Cold Roller helps calm inflamed breakouts and revive tired skin with hygienic stainless steel. Use The Cold Roller in the treatment room to soothe skin after extractions and retail to your clients to enhance their home care routine. Made with surgical stainless steel. Store in fridge or freezer after cleaning. Stays cold throughout rolling sequence. Use daily for best results.

  • Helps relieve inflamed breakouts
  • Calms the appearance of redness
  • Reduces the appearance of puffiness
  • Aids with firming skin
  • Promotes healthy circulation

Use after cleansing, before toning. Working from the inside of the face outward, roll skin in upward motions focusing on inflamed breakouts. Use daily for best results.

Cleaning Instructions:Wash stainless steel cylinder thoroughly with Ultra Gentle Cleanser or unscented antibacterial soap and warm water, wipe dry, then spritz with rubbing alcohol after each use. If stored in fridge or freezer, keep your clean roller in a clean plastic bag to protect from bacteria.

We recommend priming The Cold Roller before use to prevent squeakiness. Here's how you do it:
  1. Apply 1-2 drops of acne-safe oil to hinges (i.e. olive or avocado oil)
  2. Wipe off any excess oil
  3. Sanitize roller with alcohol
  4. Cold roll squeak-free

Made with surgical stainless steel. 

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