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Gua Sha Amethyst Tool

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Gua Sha is a facial technique known for visible anti-aging effects while releasing stress, and increasing feelings of empowerment. Gua Sha firms, sculpts, rejuvenates skin, reduces stress, and benefits the whole body.

WATCH Gua Sha In Action

Enhance your beauty & self-care rituals with the healing technique of Gua Sha. The practice of Gua Sha has proven to relieve facial tension, reduce puffiness, enhance skin elasticity, boost blood circulation, promote lymphatic drainage, and provide lifting & firming effects.

Amethyst is known to have natural healing properties concerning physical, spiritual & emotional health. It is thought to promote stress relief, calmness and boost cell regeneration – which makes it the perfect crystal to create our Gua Sha tool with! And since our Gua Sha tools are made from natural crystal, each one will vary slightly in pattern & color.

Also available in a combo: Gua Sha ( Amethyst) & Conditioning Oil

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