New Treatments: IPL Therapy

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As we enter the New Year and settling into our new location in Brighton, we are happy to introduce new treatments using IPL technology. IPL or Intense Pulsed Light Technology utilizes specific wavelengths of light to target various skin conditions. Our licensed estheticians Irina and Lana perform various treatments using ILP that include hair removal, skin rejuvenation, pigmentation therapy, acne therapy and vascular therapy.

Hair removal

First, it is a pain-free treatment for permanent hair reduction to eliminate unwanted hair. The light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair, with the highest concentration of it located in the bulb (root) of the hair. As the heat from the light weakens the bulb, hair falls out and unable to re-grow in the same place. The number of treatments will be determent by your esthetician.  

Services for Him - IPL Hair Removal

Skin rejuvenation

It is also a process that improves signs of aging including wrinkles, loss of skin tone and elasticity.  The wavelengths of light penetrate the skin and stimulate collagen production. As a result, wrinkles smooth out and the skin becomes more elastic. Your esthetician will determine the number and frequency of the treatment for the best results.

Pigmentation Therapy

Furthermore, it eliminates dark spots (freckles and age spots) caused by sun exposure. The pulses of light are absorbed by the excess melanin and cause melanin sells to break up, leaving the skin more even.  The number of treatments will depend on the level of sun damage and will be determent by your esthetician. To prevent further damage use at least SPF 30 moisturizer every day.

Acne therapy

In addition, it treats active acne, prevents future acne breakouts and improves acne scars.  The pulsating light penetrates through the tissues and destroys acne caused by bacteria in the skin and overproduction of oil by the oil glands.  In addition, in treating acne scars IPL reduces redness and discoloration for more even skin tone. The number of treatments will be determent by your esthetician.

Vascular Therapy

Lastly, IPL treats dilated capillaries and cherry spots. Hemoglobin in the blood vessels absorbs the light while the heat injures the vessel walls causing the vessels to collapse. Consequently, the body discards the collapsed vessels in a natural way. With each treatment, the affected area will be less red. Moreover, only one session is necessary for minor vascular abnormalities. Bigger treatments would require several treatments and your esthetician will determine that.

IPL is non-invasive, virtually painless and extremely effective. Make an appointment for a consultation today and we will design a personal treatment plan to target your specific needs.  

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