How are you doing with your SKINCARE products?

Are you ready to conquer all of your skincare goals this year? 
Here at Skin Studio in Brighton MA we get asked this question a lot: “How do I know if my skincare products are working?”  
So let’s take a little quiz:
1. Are you using the products as recommended? 
(Yes or No)
The truth is products probably aren’t working if you’re not using them consistently as recommended.  

A Typical Regimen:
-Cleanse AM/PM
-Toner AM/PM (depending on skin type)
-Serum AM ( Vit C | Hydrating |Peptides )
-Serums PM (Mostly serums with anti-aging or acne-fighting properties)
-Moisturizer AM/PM
-Eye care AM/PM ( at least once a day)
2. Are your products recommended by a professional who took the time to assess your skin correctly? 
(Yes or No)
Suppose you haven’t had your skin assessed by a professional and play the skincare guessing game. Buying from an influencer on Instagram or an ad from Amazon is a game of roulette I don’t think anyone should roll the dice on. This is your face we’re talking about!
3. Are you giving the products a chance to work? 
(Yes or No)
We find too many clients get sucked into the Buy and Try cycle. This is where you buy an expensive product, try it for a week, and get bored or disappointed when you don’t see a significant improvement immediately. Then, you buy something new the next time you’re shopping. 
6**You spend/waste a lot of money when you become a victim of this cycle.**
The most gorgeous skin we see in Skin Studio Brighton MA, is the skin of those who find a product designed to help their specific skincare concerns and stick with it for an extended period.
We hope this helps you on your look-and-feel-beautiful journey. Reach out and let us know if there is anything we can help you with concerning your current and future skincare.