Face Reading Part 1


face reading

Have you heard about Chinese medicine and what is it about? Have you ever thought that your body finds a way to tell you about the imbalances within it? Let’s look at differences between East and West on the forehead and between brows.

According to the traditional Chinese medicine each part of your face (forehead, nose, chin, right cheek, left cheek) is connected to the Chinese 5-Element network (fire, earth, water, metal, and wood) and it gives you a visual indication of what may be going on in the organs of your body.

In some cases, the visual signs your body gives you will alert you for the problem right away, but the biggest value of knowing and reading your body language is in acting preventatively through herbal supplementation, diet and least but not last lifestyle practices.

Based on the 5-Element network forehead reflects the fire element. Examining your forehead and finding small blood vessels that appear as discoloration or redness could also be a sign of a heart problem. Moreover, breakup or loss can cause discoloration. In addition, it is not unusual for very emotional people to see a constant furrow between their eyebrows.

Eastern medicine practitioners have been performing face reading (or Mien Shiang) for thousands of years. Combine Western (analyzing the surface) with Eastern (what’s happening internally) techniques for a unique, interesting and fun way to look at the skin.


FOREHEAD (Digestive system & bladder)  Breakouts => need to eliminate toxins. Solutions: try drinking more water and eating more unprocessed, natural foods. Dry, flaky skin above brows => lack of vegetables in diet. It could also indicate too much wheat. Horizontal lines => represent a life lesson learned or experience gained.

BETWEEN BROWS (Liver)  Breakouts or congestion => consuming too many rich, oily foods, dairy or alcohol (may indicate food allergy). Therefore, it’s often called the “wine & dine” area since it’s linked to rich foods and late-night eating!


FOREHEAD  Breakouts: Possible cause => hats, bangs, hair products, improper removal of hair products or face cleanser along the hairline. Solutions: focus on deep cleansing and purifying the skin. Clear Anti-BlemishTreatment, Refining Clay Mask, Renew Serum help to get rid off inflamed breakouts.  Pigmentation & Lines. Possible cause => sun exposure, repetitive facial movements. Solutions: focus on tightening and brightening: Cyto-luxe collection, Triple Action Serum, SPF 40 Facial Moisturizer will greatly help improve your skin.

BETWEEN BROWS Breakouts or congestion => Improper hair removal techniques, not cleansing properly or exfoliating enough. Professional skin treatments and corrective home care products are necessary.


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