Re-energize & Re-charge your Chakras

image with different crystals and a drawing of human in yogi pose with chakra colors around

We’re so excited to reintroduce you to Kate and her NEW treatment “Crystal Energy Healing Facial” available in Skin Studio Boston. Kate has been practicing Reiki for 27 years and this healing energy comes through strongly in her treatments. Click here to watch Kate explaining this new facial.

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This relaxing facial is for those who are seeking beauty and health through energetic balance and upliftment.
Connecting with the frequency of Reiki Jin Kei Do and using the movements of Qigong to clean and bring into alignment the chakras or “energy centers” of the body. The resulting feelings are of peace and harmony within the body and mind.

our esthetician Adriana enjoying the energy healing facial with crystals around her
Adriana is enjoying this facial

Kate will also work with acupressure points on the face to lift sagging tissue and ease facial pain. Craniosacral therapy techniques to the skull and neck gently ease tension and can bring a powerful release of stress. The addition of crystals, which are placed on and around the body in specific places will re-energize and re-charge the chakras.

goody bags for the Crystal Energy Healing Facial with some amethyst, turquoise, and red jasper
Your gift from Kate

All of this healing work is complimented by a spa-like hydrating facial, which is beneficial for all skin types. A goody bag with crystals awaits you after the treatment.