Restore your Collagen and Elastin with Peptides

Have you ever wondered what causes some people to look older than their age and others to look younger? 🤔

Typically, it’s because of a combination of dehydration, not having a proper skincare routine, and sun exposure. In addition, it has been scientifically proven that as we age our skin naturally loses its elasticity because it slowly produces less collagen over time. 

Luckily, with modern technology and science, there are ways to combat these issues and achieve healthier & younger-looking skin! 

Have you heard of peptides?

The definition of a “peptide” is straightforward: two or more amino acids joined by peptide bonds.

Amino acids are relatively small molecules known for being the building blocks for cells.

Peptides allow the skin’s cellular function and skin renewal cycle to become optimized and renewed, which replaces the upper thick dead skin cells. Rejuvenation of the dermis helps to renew and smooth the skin’s surface.

Renewal of the stratum corneum also helps reduce the appearance of uneven pigmentation and freckles, while healthy Collagen and Elastin promote firm, youthful skin. ✨

Two of our favorite Peptide serums:

Product picture of PEPTI-pro-col, a peptide serum sold by Skin Studio Boston


Collagen fibers provide structural support to the skin. With age, the skin gradually loses collagen, leaving the remaining collagen open to damage by free radicals and environmental factors. PEPTI-pro-col helps strengthen and rejuvenate skin, making it excellent for use on the face, neck, and hand.


Collagen and elastin work together to provide a sturdy mesh that supports the skin. Elastin fibers give skin shape after stretching or contracting. PEPTI-elastin combats the lack of pliancy and resiliency that occurs with age. This unique peptide works with the natural functions of the skin to support skin structure.

Product picture of PEPTI-Elastin, a peptide serum sold by Skin Studio Boston

We incorporate Viktoria De’Ann Peptides now into our facials at Skin Studio Boston and home care. At your next facial ask your esthetician to experience peptide serums so you can start seeing the benefits of what peptides can do for your skin.
We can’t wait to make magic to your skin! 💜

See you soon! - Skin Studio Boston
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