Let’s Celebrate Spring.. with Exfoliation! Favorite Body Scrubs

April exfoliation

Exfoliation.. is Key!

Exfoliation is a crucial part of your skincare routine! It removes dead skin cells that could be clogging your pores. Incorporating exfoliation into your skin care regime will uncover fresh new cells and open the way for products to better penetrate the skin. Go ahead, scrub away and leave your skin looking healthy and fresh! And check out our favorite body scrubs!

Spring Cleaning!
Microdermabrasion Facial

Micrdermabrasion Facial for Spring
This treatment is the perfect beginning to spring! Our microdermabrasion system gently removes dead layers by polishing the skin with natural diamond chips bonded to the tip of the wand. At the same it, it vacuums the exfoliated skin cells away. Therefore, diamond microdermabrasion will leave your skin feeling more supple & vibrant. This is a Skin Studio Favorite!*

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Skin Studio Boston 
Body Scrub and exfoliant for spring time

Here are some Skin Studio Favorite Scrubs!

InHale Zen Organic Sugar Scrub

First of all, this organic body scrub is made of avocado oil, coconut oil, raw sugar. It also contains organic essential oils. We absolutely love this yummy scrub! Most importantly, it has all natural ingredients and is gentle for all skin types!

InHale Body Scrub Organic for exfoliation

Hydropeptide Active Body Scrub

Hydropeptide Body Scrub

Smooth & renew your skin with this tightening scrub! Scrub away your dry, flakey, and aging skin. Moreover, this active body scrub will buff, polish, and transform your skin. It will also improve hydration, radiance, and smoothness.

PFB Liquid Luffa

Your skin will love this gentle exfoliating face and body scrub. This scrub contains 6% glycolic acid and papaya fruit extract. In addition, it has crushed walnut powder to help your skin feel smooth and avoid ingrown hairs. Liquid Luffa is also Eco-Friendly and does not contain any plastic particles!

PFB Liquid Luffa Scrub