Мы говорим по русски! Irina has felt strongly about helping people with acne, aging, and unwanted hair and made it her goal to find the right treatment regimen to prevent breakouts, reduce the signs of aging, and find the most gentle wax to remove hair. Irina has had acne herself and searched for effective treatments and affordable products to maintain the clear complexion. Her personal struggle with acne has pushed her to further her education in the latest systems, treatments, and products! Irina’s goal is to help people effectively treat common dermatologic conditions. Irina is an Oncology Certified Esthetician, through intense training and classes of Oncology Spa Solutions. Our Wellness Facial is ideal for compromised skin during and post treatment. Irina is passionate about the industry and wants to help clients with cancer in their healing process, to feel their best. She is certified in Lamprobe, Microdermabrasion, IPL Hair Removal, and LED Light Therapy. Irina has also become a certified acne specialist through Face Reality as of 2018. Irina is certified in Microneedling! This has quickly become one of her favorite treatments for anyone with scarring, pigmentation, texture issues, and for anyone looking to get ahead of their aging!